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Authorities’ swift action against counterfeit products save public lives 10-12-2020

The authorities in the UAE have seized a large quantity of substandard facemasks and antiseptic sanitizers products to raid dozens of illegal compounds during the lockdown and not only save the public from the risk of using these products but also apprehended the culprits.

This was stated by Hatem Abdel Ghani, Partner, Director The Legal Group (TLG) on the sideline of the day-long annual workshop “Intellectual Property and Brand Protection Training”. The workshop held in a local hotel in Dubai and attended by the representatives of Dubai Police, Dubai Economy Department and Dubai Customs along with the experts of various international brands.

“The purpose of organizing the annual workshop to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products and the risks of counterfeit products through the multimedia presentation by the concerned experts,” he said.

He further pointed that since the COVID-19 broke early March this year, the cases of two major sectors related to public health and technology increased in many folds. “We noticed that many factories in the countries illegally producing counterfeit products like facemasks and antiseptic sanitizers to fill the gap of local demand.

“The authorities have raided more than 20 factories and set up established in parking lots, warehouses, farmhouses and even in residential apartments producing counterfeit products of international brands,” he said.

The authorities have also noticed that the demand of technology products also increased during the lockdown.

“During the lockdown everyone was working home and we noticed that the demand of computer, laptops, tablets and accessories increased. We were also aware that the sale of computer and other technology products including headphones, webcams, different kinds of cables, etc, increased on online shopping portals and many counterfeit products dumped in the local market but our teams not only seized such products but also raided the plants where these were producing,” Abdel Ghani said.

He added that during this workshop, the organizers exhibited several original and counterfeit products of international brands for the benefit of the enforcement authorities to motivate them in cases against fraud and counterfeiting and to spread awareness among the public in the UAE.

“Our aim of these workshops to stimulating the skills of the responsible authorities in the issues of combating fraud and counterfeiting and develop their expertise by being briefed on the latest technologies used by counterfeiters.

“It also contributed to spread awareness among consumers about the illegal activities of counterfeiters, in order to reduce commercial fraud and eliminate counterfeit products from the market,” he said.

The Intellectual Property Department annually organizing a series of training workshops in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman with the participation of the representative from the Police Department, Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Dept Of Economic Development, Customs, and other authorities in different Emirates, in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.