Intellectual Property and Brand Protection Training 2020


The Legal Group Advocates and legal consultants organized the annual workshop ‘’ Intellectual Property and Brand Protection Training’’ to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products and the risks of counterfeit goods.

The workshop was attended by the Police Department, Customs, the Department of Economic Development, and other authorities from different Emirates: Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al khaimah, and Umm Al Quawain.

TLG was honored by a large number of international companies from our clients including well-known brands. It is an honor for us to work in the field of protecting Intellectual Property rights for more than 300 international brands every year.

Dubai One Interview with Hatem Abdelghani, Partner and Director of IP Department at TLG.

Intellectual Property and Brand Protection Training 2020 in Ajman.

This workshop is organized at the end of each year for the benefit of the enforcement authorities to motivate them in cases against fraud and counterfeiting. The regular participation of the enforcement authorities in this workshop has helped develop their skills by being briefed on the latest technologies used by counterfeiters.

The workshop also contributed to educating consumers about the illegal activities of counterfeiters and spreading awareness amongst the public in order to reduce commercial fraud and eliminate fake products from the market, thus, ensuring the safety of the consumers as well as protecting the rights of trademark owners.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, together with the Authorities, The Legal Group has conducted numerous raid actions against many factories and warehouses in the country, which were illegally producing counterfeit products of international brands such as facemasks, antiseptic sanitizers, and many other products related to the public health.

Intellectual Property and Brand Protection Training 2020 in Sharjah.

Intellectual Property and Brand Protection Training 2020 in Sharjah.