6 Factories producing counterfeits have been seized in Sharjah


Reporter: Mohamed Al Rifai - Sharjah

Hatem Abdel Ghani, Partner and Director of the Intellectual Properties Department at The Legal Group, revealed that six factories and six warehouses that imitate and manufacture counterfeit antiseptic, cleaning products and cosmetics of international brands in Sharjah have been seized this year.

Hatem Abdel Ghani indicated that there were 40,000 ready-made packages in each of the six factories seized in cooperation with the Economic Department and the Police in Sharjah, and there were more than 20,000 ready-made pieces or packages in each warehouse. These pieces and packages were completely destroyed and the destruction process was documented.

During The Intellectual Property and Brand Protection workshop organized by The Legal Group, Abdel Ghani stated that the Group aims to search for counterfeit goods in the UAE and report the owners to the concerned authorities. He added that: ‘’We received reports from agents of international companies that there are counterfeit goods stored by unscrupulous people in their facilities, and they sell them in the local markets or export them to neighboring countries as original goods’’.

Abdel Ghani indicated that cosmetic products, fake spare parts and electronics have been seized, pointing out that there has been an increase in seizures of counterfeit antiseptics and sanitization materials during Covid-19 crisis and the Group task is to follow the legal procedures related to controlling the violators who imitated the goods of the companies they represent.

Abdel Ghani explained that the penalties stipulated in the law differ from one emirate to another, and violations may reach a fine of more than one million dirhams, based on the value of the seizures. He stated an example of seizing body care materials, and the owner of which has been sentenced to payment of a fine of more than one and a half million dirhams.

Abdel Ghani added that, as agents and representatives of international companies, TLG monitored a group of factories and people who imitate products to sell them in the local markets and export them to neighboring countries. After searching and investigating the producer of such products, it became clear that there are factories that manufacture them and people that store the same in their facilities. The concerned authorities in the Emirate of Sharjah were informed of these products to seize and destroy them, refer their owners to the judicial authorities and destroy the counterfeit goods completely in cooperation with the Bee'ah Company in Sharjah, which oversees the destruction process, in addition to imposing financial penalties against violators who imitated these goods.

Source: Emaratlyoum