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UAE TRA IoT Regulatory Procedure



Issue Date: 06 March 2019

  1.  Scope
    1. This Regulatory Procedure is issued in conjunction with the TRA’s IoT Regulatory Policy.
    2. For definitions of terms used in this Procedure, refer to TRA’s IoT Regulatory Policy.
    3. This Regulatory Procedure covers the procedure for registration for an IoT Service; including M2M Services1.
    4. With advances in IoT development both globally and within the UAE, the TRA may update this Procedure and its associated Regulatory Policy on an as-needed basis.
  2. Process for Registration of an IoT Service
    1. Submission Procedure
      1. An IoT service registration request may be submitted as soon as the IoT Service Provider has the information necessary to complete IoT Service Registration Request Form.
      2. The IoT Service provider shall deliver to the TRA a completed IoT Service Registration Request Form and a covering letter.
      3. Upon receipt of an IoT service registration request, the TRA may require the IoT service provider to submit additional information as determined by the TRA, in its discretion, to be necessary to review the request.
      4. The TRA shall determine, at its discretion, whether to accept or reject the request submission.
    2. Review Procedure
      1. Upon receipt of an accepted IoT Service registration request, the TRA shall review the request and if required transfer the request to the IoT Advisory committee.
      2. The IoT Advisory Committee shall provide recommendations on service conditions, if requested, for the IoT service registration request.
      3. The TRA shall notify the IoT service provider with the decision regarding the IoT service registration request within (35) working days from the date of receipt of the request.
    3. Compliance with Concurrent Obligations
      1. It is the responsibility of the relevant Licensee and IoT Service Providers to ensure that before any IoT Service is introduced, it is in compliance with the TRA’s entire Regulatory Framework as well as any conditions imposed by any other competent authority.
      2. Under no circumstances shall an approval with respect to this Regulatory Procedure be construed as a waiver or excusal of any other relevant conditions or obligations.

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