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Publications and Publishing Law 1980


Federal Law No 15 for 1980 concerning publications and publishing

Chapter 1- Definitions

Words and expressions used in this document are defined as under unless stated otherwise

Article 1
State: The United Arab Emirates
Ministry: The Ministry of Information and
Culture Minister: Minister of Information and Culture
Publications: All written material, drawings, musical compositions, or any other form of expression that can be heard or viewed.

Circulation: Selling, distributing publications or displaying them for the purpose of sale or advertisement, or any other action that makes publications within the reach of a number of people.

Newspaper: Any newspaper, a magazine, or a publication, issued regularly or intermittently under one name.

Printing press: Equipment or system for printing or recording words, drawings or pictures for the purpose publication and circulation. The phrase does not apply to cameras, normal typing machines or photocopiers.

Owner of the printing press: Applies to anyone leasing the printing press.

Publisher: Anyone who publishes printed material.

Bookshop: Any establishment that trades in all types of publications.

Works: Literary, artistic and scientific works in whatever form.

Cinema: Any work that features visual means of expression

News Agency: Any press establishment that disseminates pictures or words through tickers, telegraphic machines or any other means.

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