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Oman Commercial Law, Royal Decree 55/90



Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry has the pleasure to publish this unofficial translation of the Commercial Law issued by the Royal Decree No. 55/90. The provisions and rules of this law regulate the commercial activities in various sectors. 

The Chamber accepts no liability for the accuracy of the translation. The Arabic text published in the official gazette is the authentic text. 

The Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry extends its thanks to Messrs Trowers & Hamlins, Legal Consultants for assisting in the preparation of e translation of this law. 

Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
March 2005 


We, Qaboos Bin Said, the Sultan of Ornan,

After perusal of Royal Decree No. 26/75 issuing the law on setting up of the Administrative Apparatus of the State and the amendments thereto; and

The Commercial Registration Law No. 3/74 and the amendments thereto; and

The Commercial Companies Law No. 4/74 and the amendments thereto; and

Royal Decree No. 4/74 issuing the Foreign Business and Investment Law and the Amendments thereto; and

Royal Decree No. 7/74, issuing the Banking Law and the Amendments thereto/ and

Royal Decree No. 26/77 issuing the Commercial Agencies Law; and

Royal Decree Nu. 35/81 issuing the Maritime Law; and

Royal Decree No. 75/56 issuing the Law on (he Organization of Brokerage in Real Estate and

Royal Decree No. 68/87 issuing the Law on Trade Marks and Trade Descriptions: and

Royal Decree No- 35/88 issuing the Law of Muscat Securities Market; and
In accordance with he public interest -


Article 1
The provisions of the attached Commercial Law shall he applicable and all other contradictions will be considered as cancelled. 

Article 2 
Ministers and all concerned shall implement this Law, each within the scope of competence. 

Article 3 
This Decree shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into force six months after the date of publication. 

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