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Law Concerning Organizing Trade Agencies


Federal- Act No. 18 of 1981
Concerning Organizing Trade Agencies.

We, Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, In consideration of the provisional Constitution, and The Federal act No. 1 of 1972, concerning Capacities of ministries and powers of ministers, and
the amending acts thereof, and Upon the proposal of minister of Economy and Commerce, approval of Council of ministers and ratification of the supreme federal Council,have issued the following act:

Article (1)
In implementation of this act, the following expressions and words shall import the meanings given opposite each:
The state: The United Arab Emirates.
The Concerned Authority: Ministry of Economy & Trade, (Referred to hereinafter as the Ministry').
The committee: The Trade agencies Committee formed according to article No. 27 of this act.
The Trade Agency: Means representation of the principal by an agent for the purpose of distribution, Selling, display or rendering of a commodity or service in the State, against a commission or profit.

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