Law Statutes


UAE Competition Law


Federal Law No .4 of 2012
Issued on 10/10/2012
Corresponding to 24 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1433 AH

We, Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates,
After perusal of the Constitution;
Federal Law no. 1 of 1972 on the competencies of the Ministries and the Powers of Ministers and its amending laws
Federal Law no.5 of 1975 on the Commercial Register;
Federal Law no.4 of 1979 on Combating Fraud and Adulteration in Commercial Transactions;
Federal Law no.10 of 1980 on the Central Bank, the Monetary System and Organization of the Banking Profession and its amending laws; and
Federal Law no.18 of 1981 on the Organization of Trade Agencies and its amending Laws;
Federal Law no. 8 of 1984 on Commercial Agencies and its amending Laws;
Civil Transactions Law Promulgated by Federal Law no.5 of 1985 and its amending laws;
Federal Law no.6 of 1985 on Banks, Financial Institutions and Islamic Investment Companies;
Penal code promulgated by Federal Law no.3 of 1987 and its amending laws;
Law of Evidence in Civil and Commercial Transactions promulgated by Federal Law no.10 of 1992 and its amending laws;

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