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Dubai Customs Policy for Goods in Transit


Policy name: Goods in Transit

By virtue of whatever provided for in the provisions of Article (69, 70 & 71) of the Common Customs law of the GCC Sates and the regional and international conventions in force relating to goods in transit, the following have been decided:

Definitions Article (1)

The following words and terms wherever mentioned throughout this policy shall have the meanings assigned for them unless the context otherwise requires:

  1. Goods in Transit:  Shall mean the customs procedures under which the goods shall be transported from a customs office of departure to a customs office of destination within a specific period of time without payment of the customs duties thereupon provided that cash or banking guarantee equivalent to the payable customs duties shall be submitted.
  2. Exceptional Cargo: Shall mean the goods which are normally not carried on a transport unit being liable to packing and sealing due to their weight, size or nature provided that they shall easily be recognized.

Secondly: Transit periods
Article (2)

  1. the goods in transit must be transported and delivered to the other customs office (exit post) within a period not exceeding thirty (30) days from the date of clearing the customs declaration.
  2. the goods in transit must depart finally to their destination with submitting the documents supporting such departure.

Thirdly: General Provisions
Article (3)

Transit operations can be completed only at the authorized customs offices.

Article (4)

For the purposes of the carriage of goods in transit by different means of transportation, the following shall be required:

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