Law Statutes


Amendment of the Evidence Law in Civil and Commercial Transactions


Law No. 36 of 2006 Amending Certain Provisions of law of Evidence in Civil and Commercial Transactions as Issued by Federal Law No. 10 of 1992


Article 1:

A new clause No. 3 shall be added to Article 17 of the aforementioned law of evidence in Civil and Commercial Transactions reading as follows:

3. Payment made by electronic means shall be a proper discharge according to what is determined by the Minister of Justice in coordination with the concerned authorities.


Article 2

A new chapter shall be added to Part Two under the heading (Chapter 2 – repeated) and a new Article No. (17-Repeated) shall be introduced therein reading as follows:


Article 17 Repeated:

Any letters, numbers, symbols, signs, pictures or sounds having unique nature allowing determination of the character of the signatory and distinguishing him from other persons in the manner stated in the Electronic Transactions and Trade Law, shall be considered electronic signature.

Any shifting, sending, receiving or storing of symbols, signs, inscriptions, pictures, voicing or information of whatever nature made through Information Technology Medium, shall be considered an electronic document.

The electronic signature shall have the same authenticity defined for the signatures referred to in this Law if the provisions prescribed in the Electronic Transactions And Trade Law are observed therein.

The electronic writing as well as electronic documents, electronic records and scripts shall have the same authenticity as defined for the official and customary inscriptions and documents in the provisions of this law as long as they meet the conditions and provisions stipulated in the Electronic Transactions and Trade Law.


Article 3:

Every provision contrary to or contradicting with the provisions of this Law shall be cancelled.


Article 4:

This Law shall be published in the Official Gazette and it shall be enforced as of the date of its publishing.