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Yemen: New Ministerial Resolution No. 20 of 2018


The Legal Group Advocates & Legal Consultants (TLG) would like to inform our clients and associates that the Ministry of Industry & Trade in Yemen have issued a new notification No. 20 of 2018 on the determination of time periods relating to trademark registration procedures as per the following:

  1. Filing applications which is suspended & not completed for 12 consecutive months commencing the filing date, shall be considered as abandoned .
  2. Trademarks which has been accepted with condition or amendment  or  trademarks which has a decision of Appeal Committee should be registered within 12 months commencing the issuance date; otherwise the application will be deemed as abandoned .
  3. The applicant must complete the publication procedure & pay the prescribed fees within sixty days from the issuance date of acceptance; otherwise, the application is considered as abandoned.
  4. In case a party filed an opposition against a trademark ,the applicant of the trademark has 90 days from the expiry date of the publication to reply to the opposition & if the applicant failed to respond to the opposition during the said period , the application deemed as abandoned.
  5. This decision shall not prejudice or conflict with the legal periods stipulated in the applicable Trademark Law and its Executive Regulations.
  6. This decision should be applied  to all the pending applications either they have been filed  before or after the issuance date of this decision.
  7. This decision is effective from the date of issuance 18/03/2018
Meanwhile, TLG will remain at your disposal for any further information and assistance you may need with regards to IP matters.
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