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RAKICC Makes Registering Wills Easier For Clients


One of the modes of succession planning in the UAE includes drafting of Wills. Wills are strongly advised in the UAE in lieu of the fact that they assist in avoiding the lengthy process of execution in times of unforeseen circumstances. In addition to the option of registering a will with either Dubai Courts or DIFC Courts, it is now possible to register a will with RAK ICC. 

RAK ICC now makes registering of wills easier for our clients with just these five simple steps:
•    Choose the kind of will you would like to retain: Full Will, Guardianship Will, Property Will or Financial Assets Will;
•    Draft the chosen Will through a DIFC Wills draftsmen and/or through a Lawyer;
•    Send the draft to RAK ICC Wills and Probate Registration Team;
•    Book the registration appointment with RAKICC via email and complete the information sheet provided;
•    The testator attends the registry with his/her identification documents, Will and a witness to sign before; and
•    Make the payment via credit or debit card. 
This is a speedy and cost-effective process introduced by RAKICC which intends to provide certainty of wealth distribution and appointment of guardianship and is believed to be more reliable than a notarized Will with efficient enforcement through Dubai or RAK courts. 

It is worth mentioning that RAK ICC wills are similar to DIFC wills in that they are applicable to non-Muslims only, as opposed to Dubai Court wills that are applicable to both non-Muslims and Muslims.  

How TLG can be of help?
Our Corporate and Commercial division retains due expertise in drafting wills and in all matters pertaining to inheritance such as but not limited to succession planning and administering of assets of a deceased within the region. 
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