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Myanmar Trademark Law


The Pyidaungsu Hlattaw Law No. 3, 2018 Day 11th Waning day of Pyatho Month of M.E year 1380
(Year 2019, January Month, 30th Day)

The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw here by enacts this law

Title, Commencement and Definition

  1. (A) This law shall be called the Trademark Law.
    (B) This law shall take effect on such date as the Union President may, be notification, appoint.
  2. The following words expressions contained in this law shall have the meanings given here under.
    a) The state means the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
    b) The Central Committee means Central Committee for Intellectual Property Rights organized according to this law.
    c) The Ministry means Ministry of Commerce.
    d) Relevant Ministry means Ministry of Information, Ministry of Industrial, Ministry of Agricultural, Livestock and Irrigation, Ministry of Education.
    e) Agency means Agency for Intellectual Property Rights organized under this law.
    f) Department means Department to perform the Intellectual Property Rights matters was assigned by the Ministry.

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