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Mandatory Licenses for Social Media Influencers in the UAE


According to the draft law by the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) National Media Council (NMC), social media influencers who post content advertising and/or marketing for brands on the various social media channels must obtain a Trade License prior to applying and obtaining a separate E-media License from the NMC.
In order to continue posting content on the various social media channels, promote or endorse brands and/or conduct online publishing and e-business activities, social media influencers must apply for the for E-media Licenses with NMC by the first week of June 2018. 
Those who fail to comply with the new rules and regulations may be fined AED 5,000/- and/or have their respective social media accounts, websites and/or blogs shut down.
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The Corporate and Commercial Division Team at The Legal Group Advocates & Legal Consultants (“LG) would be pleased to discuss the applicability of the draft law to your specific circumstances and would be glad to assist and support you in the application and/or obtaining of a Trade License and/or E-media License from the relevant authorities.
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