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DIFC Wills to include assets abroad


DIFC Wills to include non-UAE assets for Non-Muslims

As awareness regarding the importance of drafting a will and registering it in the UAE is increasing and becoming more popular within the UAE expat non-Muslim community, we see developments by the UAE Authorities that provide individuals with more options with regards to drafting and registering their Wills.

One of these developments is that instead of only accepting Wills with assets in Dubai & Ras Al Khaimah, DIFC is now allowing Wills that are registered with DIFC Courts to not only include UAE assets, but assets abroad too. Therefore, non-Muslims can benefit from registering a Will with DIFC to avoid Sharia Law applying to them while encompassing all their assets under the same Will for ease and convenience.

Furthermore, those who already have a registered Will with DIFC Courts have the option to amend their Wills to include any of their assets (within the UAE or abroad) for free till August 31st, 2019.

How TLG can help

TLG’s Corporate & Commercial Division would be pleased to provide you with assistance and support in drafting your DIFC will as well as registering it with DIFC Courts. The Team would also be pleased to guide and assist you in structuring your asset within the UAE or abroad, in the most effective way to your respective case prior to drafting a Will.

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