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DED- E Trader License


DED E-Trader License for Expats 

The Dubai Department of Economic Development (“DED”) introduced the E-Trader License in 2017, which made it easier for individuals to sell their products and/or services online- specifically those who conduct their business through social media only from their homes. The E-Trader License is only available for single owners who are based in Dubai and are above 21 years old. Initially, the E-Trader License was only issued for UAE & GCC Nationals however, currently expat Dubai residents are eligible to obtain the E-Trader License for professional services but not trading. This License does not issue visas for the owner or any employees and cannot own an office, it limits the business to an online presence. 

How TLG can help
TLG’s Corporate & Commercial Department would be pleased to provide you with assistance and support in confirming your eligibility for the E-Trader License, evaluating whether it is the appropriate License in your respective case as well as obtaining the License on your behalf. 

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