Legal Updates


Bahrain Applies New Value Added Tax (VAT) Rate


The parliament of The Kingdom of Bahrain has approved the introduction of Value Added Tax. The Value Added Tax (VAT) Law in Bahrain has been issued under the Royal Decree No. (48) of 2018 on October 6, 2018 and approved by the upper house. 
A VAT rate of 5% will be applied in Kingdom of Bahrain, effective from January 1, 2019. This rate is similar to that applied in other GCC countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
Businesses in Bahrain now have just under 4 months to prepare their administrative structures to comply with the new directive.  
The new VAT rate will be applicable on all Intellectual Property (IP) matters (trademarks, patents and industrial designs) as well as non-governmental charges.
Accordingly, our invoices for all IP matters in Bahrain, issued as of the aforesaid date, will reflect the new VAT rate of 5%.

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