Updating of Registered Trademarks and Filing New Trademarks Applications in Aden, Yemen.


The Legal Group Advocates & Legal Consultants (TLG) would like to inform our clients and associates that due to the current situation in Yemen, authorities under the government of Yemen in the temporary capital of Aden, are now receiving applications in order to update previously registered trademarks that were registered at the Trademark Office of Sana’a. In addition to this, the authorities will also be filing new applications for registration of new trademarks before the Trademark Office (TMO) in Aden which is independent from the current TMO in Sana’a.

In order to have protection for your and/or your client’s trademarks (TM), and in order to avoid double registration of TMs in Aden by any other party, it is highly recommended to update the previously registered Trademarks at the Trademark Office in Aden.

The requirements and charges for updating the cited registered TMs shall be as follows:

A scanned copy of registration certificate or any latest TM recordal or renewal.

The total charges shall be $100; this amount covers official charges in addition to our professional charges.

The requirements and charges for filing through registration of new trademark application shall be provided to you upon your request.
Meanwhile, we remain at your disposal for any further information and assistance you may need. 
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