TLG Leads Information to Destruction Of Counterfeit Automotive Parts


Information supplied by The Legal Group (TLG) has lead to the seizing and destruction of counterfeit automotive parts. The items in question is called a Fifth Wheel Coupling. A fifth wheel is an automotive part used to connect the horse of a truck to the semi-trailer.

What is the significance of this raid and the fifth wheel coupling? A fifth wheel is an integral part of truck safety, as it ensures a trailer is always secure and does not under any circumstances become dislodged from the truck. As with all products there are brands that are well recognised in producing high quality goods. As such TLG provided important intelligence about a trader that was selling counterfeit fifth wheels using one of the most prominent brands name. This is not only an infringement on the brand but can also compromises the safety of road users.

The raid was conducted, and a consignment of counterfeit fifth wheels was seized and destroyed. This a significant step in protecting our clients brand as well as protecting lives of road users, as counterfeit automotive parts are notorious for being sub-standard and causing accidents.

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