• GDPR – Handle with Care


    The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”) came into force and effect on 25th May 2018 with the aim to strengthen the control that individuals have over their personal data and to reduce the effects of data breaches in the European Union (“EU”). The implication of the GDPR is not limited to organisations or companies

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  • Trade Names and Ways To Protect Them


    The protection of trade names is considered is very important for companies and trade name owners. The illegal use of these names by unauthorized entities shows bad faith and negatively effects the business operations of the trade names and their owners. This illegal use may also put the brand and owner at danger of losing their good reputation and goodwill. This begs the question, what is a trade name?

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  • An IP Roadmap


    TLG’s Althea Rozario highlights the current status and significant features of Intellectual Property Rights protection in the jurisdictions of Jordan and Iraq.

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  • The Cost of Being A Counterfeiter


    TLG’s client (The Builder) has been awarded compensation for moral and physical damages from a company (The Infringer) that was infringing on their IP Rights.

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